Moulded products

By pressing and moulding granulated rubber, we manufacture a wide selection of products, including wheel components for waste bins, vibration mounts for solar panels, base feet for temporary fencing systems, and a full complement of rubber mats.


Wheel components 

With our strategic partner, E.K.H. Plauen GmbH, a specialist vendor of wheel bin wheels, we deliver full wheel assemblies and components globally.




with a diameter of 200 mm and 250 mm


with a diameter of 21.5mm and lengths of 460mm, 541mm, 552mm

E.K.H. Plauen GmbH

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Base feet for temporary fencing systems

Other moulded products

In the process of pressing and forming rubber granules, we obtain a wide range of products such as insulating and shock-absorbing elements for the foundation of solar units, construction bases for temporary fences and a full selection of rubber mats.

For our clients, we produce, among others:

  • wheel components for waste bins
  • elements of the foundation of solar units
  • building bases for temporary fencing
  • loads to the barbell

Moulded products according to an individual project

If you have not found a product that meets your expectations among our finished goods, and you are looking for the possibility of producing an atypical, low-series product that requires commitment on many levels – contact us. We will evaluate the feasibility of your project, prepare a trial series of the product in pilot production, and start serial production, combining your requirements with our experience.


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