We make our products with tested and proven recipes which guarantee repeatability of performance, a high production quality, and good aesthetic value.


We make finished products according to proprietary recipes and develop products in cooperation with the customers. With years of experience, extensive processing resources, and qualified design engineers, we can deliver projects even to most complex specifications.


Our core business is production of moulded products from granulated rubber reclaimed by recycling automotive tires. In our care for the environment, we provide a wide selection of rubber products.

About us

We are a Poland-based corporation with the core business of production of moulded products from granulated rubber reclaimed by recycling automotive tires. Our origins date back to 1982, when our business was focused on production from polyester laminates and plastic injection moulding techniques. Based on this experience and driven by our passion for a sustainable environment, in 2000 we shifted our core business to production from granulated SBR reclaimed from waste automotive tires. Hence, we decided to make a business of giving waste a new life.

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What do we make?

We produce moulded products from granulated rubber reclaimed by recycling automotive tires.
In 2016, we moved the business to a new location with new manufacturing and warehousing capacities. This helped us expand our product range with a wide selection of moulded parts, including base feet for temporary fencing systems, vibration mounts for solar panel substructures, and a full complement of rubber mats with a great variety of applications.

Moulded products

In the process of pressing and forming rubber granules, we obtain a wide range of products such as wheel components for waste bins, insulating and shock-absorbing elements for the foundation of solar units, construction bases for temporary fences and a full selection of rubber mats.

Rubber mats

EPP mats are a wide selection of high-quality rubber mats, made of SBR rubber granules, joined using a polyurethane binder. A rich machine park and experienced staff allow us to offer mats with various functional parameters and a wide range of applications.

Sports mats

Rubber mats dedicated to use in sports facilities. A wide range of colors, high and repeatable quality, numerous tests and certificates confirming the safety of use. Thanks to the above features, our mats are an excellent product for demanding designers who do not like limitations, as well as owners of sports facilities and fitness rooms.


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